Hospital Layout

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Hospital Layout
Hospital Layout
14F 140Ward [T1401-1411], 142Ward [T1421-1426(Hospice ward)]
13F 130Ward[T1301-1309(Urology, Ophthalmology, Plastic surgery)], 132Ward[VIP]
12F 120Ward[T1201-1211], 122Ward[T1221-1233(Liver transplantation)]
11F 110Ward[T1101-1113(Pulmonology)], 112Ward[T1121-1130(Thoracic surgery, Otolaryngology)]
10F Surgical intensive care unit[SICU], Medical intensive care unit[MICU]
9F 92Ward[T921-925(Obstetrician/Gynecology)], High risk pregnant intensive care unit, Neonatal intensive care unit[NICU]
8F 80Ward[T801-811(Orthopedics)], 82Ward[T821-828(Orthopedics)]
7F 70Ward[T701-712(Rehabilitation medicine)], 72Ward[T721-730]
6F Department of pathology, Laboratory medicine
5F Centeral operation room, Central intensive care unit
3F Rehabilitation center, Seminar room, Theresa hall
2F Department of Rheumatology, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, Radiology, Registration/Payment, Information desk.
1F Department of rehabilitation(pediatric), Pharmacy(Outpatient), Injection room, Clinical research room, Visiting room(Inpatients)
B1F 70Ward[T701-712(Rehabilitation medicine)], 72Ward[T721-730]
B2F Central supply room, Electrical room, Machinery room