Mission & Vision

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About Us
Mission & Vision


Regional Health Care Development and Social Welfare Promotion

Holistic healing of patients, Cultivation of medical knowledge and skills, Compliance with Church teaching, Dedicated Medical Service, One mind of all faculty and staff
  • 01Holistic healing of patients

    • To heal the whole body (physical, emotional, spiritual, and social) of the patient, the life of the healer Jesus Christ's love and service is faithfully performed, giving patients and families a deep experience of God's existence and His providence.
  • 02Cultivation of medical knowledge and skills

    • Through continuous research and faith-based personality education to cultivate medical knowledge and medical technology, we will nurture competent medical professionals with a noble sense of duty and become a medical institution that leads the local medical community with high-quality services.
  • 03Compliance with Church teaching

    • We comply with Church teaching so that the mysteries and dignity of human life are honored throughout medical treatment and research.
  • 04Dedicated Medical Service

    • We strive to realize the Gospel and welfare of society through dedicated medical services to those who are alienated from society and home.
  • 05One mind of all faculty and staff

    • We create a community where all faculty and staff can enjoy the true value and worth of life by performing the services with love and one heart.


STELLA is one of the names of the Virgin Mary, the morning star (Hyosung).
The Morning Star serves as a landmark, indicating the direction of movement forward and opens the future for those who sail the seas, explorers, traversing the desert, pilgrims, and seekers of the holy land.
STELLA 2025 aims to become the best star in the region by 2025 by fulfilling and achieving the mid-to-long-term strategic goal of the medical center to provide a direction for our medical center to move forward by 2025.


The best hospital that gives hope of healing through love and service

Vision Goals: Best Medical Service, Best Patient Experience, Best Work Life

Core Strategy

Specialized care

A well-treating hospital for severely ill

Operating the best specialized disease center
Focusing on severe diseases treatment
Strengthen brand value

Future Healthcare

A hospital leading future medical research

Research reorganization
Clinical research activation
Patient-centered smart hospital


A hospital that puts patients first

Open access implementation
Patient-centered service provision
Elderly-patient friendly service development

Optimal resources

A systematically operated hospital

Efficient resource management
Medical departments operation improvement
Strengthening medical cooperation relationship

Employee happiness

A hospital where the employee wants to work

Employee-respect service provision
Expansion of welfare and performance compensation
Strategy execution system establishment

Core values

  • Patient Respect
  • Trust
  • Employee Respect