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Guest House

Guest House

Daegu Catholic University Hospital operates a guesthouse for
our patients and guardians.

  • Hospital Guest House (10 minute walk)

    Hospital Guest House

  • Single Room Type
    Single Room Type
    Person 1~2
    Facilities Kitchen, Bedroom (2bed), Bathroom, Fridge
    Accomodations Free Wi-Fi, TV, Washing machine
    Prise 40,000 Won / 1day
    Notes 1. A one-time cleaning fee of 10,000 Won per guest is added to the bill.
    2. The fees will be added to the medical bill.
    • Wi-Fi ID : DCMCIHC, Password : dcmcihc1111
    • You must bring your own toiletries, towel, clothes, necessities, food, etc.
    • There is a large supermarket 10 minutes from the guest house.
      * Location : Daemyung-ro 116, Nam-gu, Daegu, Rep. Korea (Homeplus)